Purpose of the Seminar
Learn and Experience how to dramaturgically develop, analyse/evaluate and discuss Short-Film-Concepts. Telling stories (no matter in which format) means: Telling stories for a human being. So it’s important to understand humans better (needs, wishes, fears, questions).

Basics of Mythology and Rituals, Basics of Storytelling (Hero, antagonistic Force, Conflicts, Stereotypes, Archetypes, The Short-Format-Dramaturgy (Animation, real-life, Commercials), Dramaturgical Basics (4-Act-Structure, dramaturgical Muscle, Tension),
The Concept: How to create a strong and vital concept for developing a short story.

Practical Work
Practise own Writing and learn how to evaluate and discuss Concepts constructively.
2 x hands-on exercises for each person:
1x Treatment (Plot-Machine) to practice playfully & deepen dramaturgy
1x Treatment for delivery and rating according to dramaturgical aspects
(Where is your stuff that develops emotional and vital power?)
Exam/Presentation-Format (Proof of Concept)
1. Submission of the Concept to be evaluated as pdf-file. max. 1 Page Text, 10 Pt. incl. Name & Matriculation Number.
2. Delivery as audio file (.mp3): Let us experience your story and tell it, as you would tell it to a child (as a good-night-story). Narrator should be you or one of your friends (Talented). No professional speaker. No Sound-Design. No Music.

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