Purpose of the Seminar
Get the Basics of Worldbuilding (focus on Character-Development/ the world inside))
and be able to develop your own storyworld with the focus on storytelling and character development.

  Why Worldbuilding?
Where to start  Worldbuilding? – The Seed of a World

Primary Worlds vs. Secondary Worlds
From Format- to IP-Business (Trans-Frenchise)

When to start Worldbuilding and how?

Developing a Storyworld

Examples & Definitions IP/World-Bible
Worldbible vs. Formatbible: Example & Definitions

Worldbuilding-mechanics using two Examples

Worldbuilding in the Production-Process

Simple Worldbuilding for Advertising

Law of the World in animated Series

Creation Mythologies
Worldbuilding-Workshop (Aspect: Story-Development) 
Practical Work
In Teams (3 or 4 Persons):
Create a World/IP-Bible.
Define a target Group/Audience.
Create/Concept one linear Experience. => Prototype/Proof of Concept
Create/Concept one interactive Experience. => Prototype/Proof of Concept

Create a (digital-)distribution strategy for both formats.
A Beer Cap has to be a part of the Media-Architecture.

Exam/Presentation-Format (Proof of Concept)
Your Concept-Paper for the worldbuilding, the two formats and the proof of concept (prototypes) delivered as a pdf-file.

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