Purpose of the Seminar
Get the Basics of Worldbuilding (focus on Character-Development/ the world inside)) and be able to develop format-open Content (Transmedia-Storytelling) plus Developing digital-distribution-Strategies.

Media consumer & media producer and the market situation yesterday&today.
What is Worldbuilding and why using it? => Basics of Worldbuilding
What audience/User do I want to address and in which (Experience-)format should I do it?
How can I create an Experience for the Audience?
=> Up-to-date narrative formats and media architectures
How can I seed/multiply my Format to the Audience/User? => Building Digital-Distribution Strategies
How can I tell my content in today's media background noise in the way that I reach my audience?

Practical Work
In Teams (3 or 4 Persons):
Create a World/IP-Bible.
Define a target Group/Audience.
Create/Concept one linear Experience. => Prototype/Proof of Concept
Create/Concept one interactive Experience. => Prototype/Proof of Concept

Create a (digital-)distribution strategy for both formats.
A Beer Cap has to be a part of the Media-Architecture.

Exam/Presentation-Format (Proof of Concept)
Your Concept-Paper for the worldbuilding, the two formats and the proof of concept (prototypes) delivered as a pdf-file.

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